About Us

SHRAMBAL, since2005, is committed towards creating wealth for our clients. We endeavour to use our decade of experience to help our clients grow their wealth.

We believe successful investing starts with picking the right mutual fundand staying invested for the long term to derive optimal benefits. Before investing in mutual funds, one must keep in mind, the following key parameters:

Size of the Fund House: This is the ability of the Asset Manager to manage large amount of assets over a significant period. This is a very important parameter when you are looking for a long-term investment partner.
Consistent Track Record: The performance track record of the scheme, the ability to adapt to different market cycles and the alpha (return in excess of the benchmark) generated by the scheme.
Longevity and Experience: The number of years the scheme has been operational, the experience of the Asset Management Company and the fund manager.

In our constant endeavour to make it easy for clients to manage and access their funds, our website is available 24 hours for your convenience.
You can also directly write to us at shrambal_consults@yahoo.co.in and share your views.

Thank You for your confidence in SHRAMBAL. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with you on your journey to wealth creation.

What do we do

At Shrambal Consultants Pvt. Ltd, we offer a complete range of Mutual Fund solutions. The range focuses on a combination of Mutual Fund products.

We offer following specific solutions to our clients:-
  • Financial Planning
  • Mutual Fund
  • SIP Planning
  • Tax Saving